Zero Gravity Massage Chair Shiatsu Reclining electric


Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Reclining Electric Massage Chair

Space capsule package provides continuous power through the air pressure circulation impulse. The power is soft and comfortable. It get rids of the defect of the traditional massage chair, which is hard and hurts bones. Both the powerful 4D massage and the comfortable gasbag pressing are accurate. The moment you sit on it, you will feel the softness of the package.

Zero-gravity up and down flat lying is designed based on the principle of zero-gravity. It puts you in a comfortable posture and moves your gravity to the hip so that your waist and legs can be fully relaxed. Your body seems to be in a zero-gravity status and the whole massage is comfortable. You will feel like you are in a quiet space and release your pressure all at a second. The quality PU leather can breathe itself. It is water resistant, abrasion resistant and temperature resistant.

Sole roller scraping therapy: The accurate acupoint massage experiences can match the experiences provided by real foot massagers. After the massage, your legs will feel much lighter. Foot massage is extremely important. There are six channels on the foot, 66 acupoints and 72 reflecting regions. The trinity active and thorough foot massage can relax your feet. Since one’s feet are connected with many other parts of the human body, foot massage can relax the whole body.

Full-body 360°massage system can help soothe the channels and quicken the network vessels. Your head, shoulders, arms, waist, hip, legs and feet can all be massaged. There are 12 massage programs. The gasbag pressing massage offers diversified massage experiences and enables you to experience a brand-new life. The temperature-sensing hot compress can efficiently activate collaterals and channels and enhance immunity. The head massage features gasbag relaxation. The neck massage features head relaxation twice. The shoulder massage features the comfortable gasbag shoulder pressing, pressing and relaxation. The back massage features head relaxation for 12 times. The waist massage features head relaxation and temperature-sensing hot compress for six times. The arm massage features the embedded arm gasbag pressing, relaxation and hot compress. The hip massage features gasbag massage, shaking, pressing and pulsing. The leg massage features gasbag and heating relaxation, pressing and hot press. The feet massage features the gasbag pressing and relaxation. The sole massage features the roller scraping therapy.

Head gasbag relaxation can efficiently relax headache and redouble the physiotherapical effects. The neck relaxation and massage is of vital importance. Neck calls for special care. Gasbag relaxation can redouble the physiotherapical effects.

 Back massage is designed based on the ergonomic techniques. The 12 types of head massage offers a brand-new experience.

Waist massage is based on six times of embedded sophisticated head massage to meet diversified demands of massage. The activating relaxation imitates the thumb relaxation. The mechanical arm evenly moves along the spine, relaxes muscles in a tense state and offers in-depth mas sage experiences. It can quickly remove muscular rigidity and adjust the muscle shape. The highest temperature for waist hot compress is 65°. The embedded infrared temperature-sensing hot compress can promote blood circulation and reinvigorate life.



Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

If you want comfort, functionality & a great zero gravity massage chair……Check out the features on this chair.
Ultra modern, ultra functional massage chair with heat, airbags & zero gravity to transport you to an oasis of bliss & serenity. All from the comfort of home. Drift away & leave all your cares, worries & stress behind with this high end electric massage chair, designed to give you the best most refreshing experience any chair could give, just check out this list of features with dimensions so you know exactly where in your home to fit your new massage chair, built with quality & style to fit in with any decor.

This chair in particular is a special design for tall people. With 4.72in stretching in the legs for comfort for the tall. A massage chair of exceptional build quality & price. To massage you from head to foot in the comfort of home anytime you need or desire.

Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair Shiatsu Electric Reclining . Both the powerful 4D massage and the comfortable gasbag pressing are accurate & beneficial. A great full body massage experience awaits!

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This massage chair is ideal for home therapy massages for all kinds of ailments, especially, lower back pain sufferers & the elderly. Of course, no-one can resist an indulging, relaxing massage to simply relieve stress & feel reinvigorated. This shiatsu massage, reclining massage chair more than fits that bill!


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