Shiatsu Massage Chair Full Body

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Shiatsu Massage Chair Full Body

This massage chair is ideal for home therapy massages for all kinds of ailments, especially, lower back pain sufferers & the elderly. Of course, no-one can resist an indulging, relaxing massage to simply relieve stress & feel reinvigorated.

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Massage Chair

 Full Body



Product features:

Powerful massage function including heat & vibration with exceptional build quality:

This shiatsu massage chair offers a variety of massage heads to give the ultimate in home massage. With heating & vibrating functions.

The intensity can be adjusted to suit your comfort level.

Made from high-grade suede fabric & leather making our chair soft and comfortable.

With stylish appearance and easy operation.

Product function:

This massage chair is designed to promote blood circulation and soothe neuropathic pain.

It is designed also to eliminate fatigue , relieve stress & relax it’s user.



At Home On Demand Massage full Body Heated, Vibrating Shiatsu Home Massage Chair New Improved 8D Massage Premium Massage Chair Upgrades full body heated, vibrating, shiatsu massage chair full body heated, vibrating, shiatsu massage chair

All-inclusive synchronized massage:

9D vibration massage-to really get the blood flowing.

8D back sync massage- For a deeply relaxing & soothing experience.

16 positive kneading heads – For neck & shoulder massages.

Neck & back Infrared light heating- Therapeutic light & heat for sore muscles.


Upgraded 9D Vibration Massage:

Provides high frequency vibration of waist, shoulders, buttocks and legs, from our new generation premium model.

With a new 7 stage high frequency vibrating motor.

Also featuring, 9 Vibrating Massage Points.

 And 16 Neck Massage Heads.


Advantages of Premium Edition:

A superior Neck Massage Technique: Offers 16 head hot Compress kneading.

A new Nape Massage function offering 8D Thai-style pressure on the back.

Also offering, Shoulder massage Technique: Fist type top Press kneading .

With back massage technique of 4D Hot compress kneading.

Offers also, an upper waist massage technique via the magic scraping manipulators.

Finally, there is a lumbar massage technique of seesaw elbow pressure massage.

Then there is the vibration function. A 9D high frequency vibration.

Giving vibration to shoulders, waist, buttocks & legs.

Last but not least there is the heating function which heats neck, shoulders, waist & back.

The Motor is a copper core silent large motor. For long life.

The leather is high quality thickened PU leather. Comfortable & durable.


The premium edition shiatsu massage chair is on sale right now! Get yours today & forever have your personal massager on hand to serve you whenever you desire. At a price that makes it possible. If you feel our high end lounge massage chairs are too much or too expensive. We stock this premium edition massage chair for you to enjoy all the benefits our high end chairs offer. Grab yours today!


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