R9 Ultra-Luxury Intelligent Massage Chair


R9 ultra-luxury intelligent massage chair

1. According to the ergonomically developed SL type ultra-long curved track, it fits the four curved curves of the human body to realize the whole massage covering the neck, shoulder, back, waist and hip to thigh of the human body;
2, intelligent 3D massage manipulator, simulate professional massage physiotherapy techniques, achieve kneading, massage, beating, grabbing, squeezing and other multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional stereo massage;
3, using the translation of the front slide design, the whole machine linkage, to achieve zero space against the wall;
4, zero-gravity suspended space capsule technology, so that the body’s whole body gravity is evenly distributed, so that the body is in a natural and comfortable state, releasing physical and mental stress;
5, airbag all-around parcel system, massage airbag scientific distribution, all-round wrapping the whole body, so that you can relax;
6, the foot roller massage technology, the front and rear staggered foot roller device with airbag extrusion, to achieve 360-degree full-feet massage of the foot;
7, body stretching technology, the combination of traditional massage technology and technology, through the leg machine stretching, shoulder clamping and waist ejection, to achieve the human body arc-shaped stretching, so as to reach the stretch of bones, through the muscles;
8, 6 kinds of intelligent massage procedures, exclusive personalized massage. Personalized manual point massage. I want to massage where I press.
9. Body shape sensing and sensing system, through multiple sensors to detect the body condition, intelligent adaptation to body fit massage.
10, the calf stepless telescopic, the calf massage tripod can be adjusted according to the user’s height.
11, waist and back heating device. Keep a constant temperature between 45-50 degrees Celsius, not afraid of cold.
12, wireless Bluetooth 3D surround stereo system, let you enjoy the comfort of the massage while enjoying the fun of music.