Massage Chair Zero Gravity Shiatsu


Multi-Function Full Body Massage Chair

Movement type: Multi-point massage
Applicable parts: Head Arm Neck Back Waist Hips Legs Feet
Function: heating, airbag strength adjustment Massage intensity adjustment, Bluetooth music
Massage technique: kneading, massage, vibration
Heating parts: back and waist
Zero gravity: remote control

Airbag distribution: head, shoulders, arms, hands, hips, legs
Shoulder massage method: airbag massage
Arm massage method: airbag massage
Hand massage method: airbag massage
Hip massage method: vibration and airbag massage
Foot massage method: roller massage



Massage Chair Zero Gravity Shiatsu Fully Automatic


If you want comfort, functionality & a great massage chair zero gravity shiatsu fully automatic……Check out the features on this chair.
Ultra modern, ultra functional massage chair with heat, airbags & zero gravity. To transport you to an oasis of bliss & serenity. All from the comfort of home. Drift away & leave all your cares, worries & stress behind with this high end electric fully automatic, shiatsu massage chair.

With bluetooth music through in built speakers & human touch massage. Designed to give you the best most refreshing simulated zero gravity experience any chair could give. Made from high grade durable leather & incorporating silent motors, built with excellent workmanship & quality.

Your whole family will enjoy this chair & it’s benefits for years to come. Now is the time for you to increase your health & well being at home through massage. Just check out this list of features with dimensions so you know exactly where in your home to fit your new massage chair. Built with quality & style to fit in with any decor.

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This massage chair is ideal for home therapy massages for all kinds of ailments. Especially, lower back pain sufferers & the elderly. Of course, no-one can resist an indulging, relaxing massage. To simply relieve stress & feel reinvigorated. This fully space cabin, reclining, shiatsu massage chair more than fits that bill. Built for the ultimate in therapy, comfort, relaxation & indulgence at home!
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